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What is Baltic Amber?

August 02, 2018 1 Comment

What is Baltic Amber?

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What is baltic amber?

Baltic amber is fossilized tree sap from millions of years ago, found in the Baltic region of Europe. It has been used as a natural healer and pain reliever for centuries due to the succinic acid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, in the amber. They have widely been used for teething children as a natural alternative to numbing gels and synthetic pain relievers.


How is it used? 

When worn against the skin, the succinic acid in the amber will release with the warmth of your body.  All you have to do is wear it! 


What can it help with?

Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets can help with any type of pain, inflammation, and even improve sleep! Our customers have purchased our Baltic amber jewelry for teething, TMJ, arthritis, back pain, headaches, eczema, general oral pain, plantar fasciitis, just to name a few.


There's different colors, are they the same? 

The lighter Baltic amber colors are most popular, but each color will work wonderfully. So go with what catches your eye!  MacRae Naturals only offers raw baltic amber jewelry for maximum relief of aches and pains.   


How do I know it's authentic? 

You definitely need to make sure you get your amber jewelry from a reputable company.  MacRae Naturals raw baltic amber comes directly from our trusted suppliers in Lithuania and is tested for authenticity. We guarantee authenticity and are proud to share our 5 star customer reviews 


How do I measure for the correct fit? 

The correct fit is an important added safety measure for children; each Baltic amber teething necklace should fit just under the chin. Long enough its not a choker and against the neck, but short enough you can't get it into the mouth. A good rule of thumb is the neck circumference and add 1.5" to 2". Always measure prior to ordering your necklace to make sure the fit will be correct. Adult lengths vary from 16"- 24" in most of our styles. We also have options for teens and young adults with our 14"-15" options. 


What are the safety features of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?

MacRae naturals prides itself in creating hand crafted, high quality jewelry for the whole family. All of our necklaces are knotted between each bead, and our string is designed to detach with 12lbs of pressure. For youth pieces, our amber is the size of a pea or smaller and all necklaces are finished with a child-resistant screw clasp closure.  Like anything, children should always be supervised when wearing jewelry and it should be removed for sleeping and bathing. The amber is to be worn only, not chewed on or put in the mouth. 


Which styles do you recommend? 

Any of our Classic styles are a great choice for something subtle and budget-friendly. For those that enjoy pops of color and a little more style, we have our Signature collection that is a favorite among our customers. 


As always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, we are here for you! 


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October 03, 2018

I found this blog very interesting. As it tells me about the amber teething necklaces in detail. I also came to know that the amber teething products are good for pain relief for toddlers and adults too.

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