Our Story

How MacRae Naturals Began...

 It all started with a drooling baby boy in August, 2013...

 Cody and Kimberly MacRae’s 3 month old son had been drooling immensely and seemed to be in some pain.  Kimberly had heard about Natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, and being a natural-minded family,  they decided to try one. Within 24 hours his drooling went from 90% to 10%!  Needless to say, they were not only stunned, they were also amazed.  A few weeks later they noticed his first tooth coming through – and they had no idea he was even cutting teeth!  Their son, 3 years old now, has never had to use any type of pain medication for teething, thanks to his Baltic Amber necklace!

 After that, Cody, a veteran of the US Army, who had been having knee pain, decided to put a teething necklace around his knee.  10 minutes later his pain left.  Kimberly didn’t really have any specific pain but being curious, started wearing a necklace and quickly noticed how much better she slept. 

Kimberly had resigned from her position with a data services company to be a stay at home mom - something she had always wanted to do – and after seeing such great results Cody and Kimberly knew they had to share the secret of Baltic Amber jewelry with everyone they possibly could.  After lots of prayer, discussion and contemplation, they decided to launch “MacRae Naturals” in December, 2013.

After finding out Kimberly was pregnant with their second child in November 2014, she immediately made a Hazelwood & Amber necklace hoping to help with morning sickness and sure enough it did! She had no sight of morning sickness, heartburn, or sleeping issues through the entire pregnancy. The MacRae's are expecting their 3rd son in November 2017! 

 Cody and Kimberly pride themselves on being a small, family-owned business and they want to share their amazing Baltic amber and crystal jewelry with everyone who is willing to try it.  They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of their non-custom baltic amber items.  

In 2017 Kimberly brought on dear friends and a couple fellow stay at home mamas to help grow MacRae Naturals.  Lacey Smith is a wife and mama to two boys. She is the Social Media Specialist and Customer Service Specialist handling everything from crystal consuls to customer questions to hosting fun games and promotions in our Facebook Group.  Aislynn Walker is a jewelry maker and jewelry designer, she helps create beautiful pieces for our awesome customers.