Safety, Sizing, & Care

Safety & Sizing

Children's Jewelry:

We care about your children. Please use safely & responsibly!

For infants, toddlers, and children who will try putting jewelry in their mouths, necklaces should be short enough that they can't get it in their mouth but long enough that it isn't a choker. Always supervise your child when wearing jewelry and remove for napping, baths, and sleeping. You can wrap the necklaces around the child's ankle and cover with a high sock, sleep-sack, or footie pajamas during sleep.

We HIGHLY recommend measuring before ordering! If you can’t, our average sizes are:

    • 11” necklace for teething babies
    • 12-13” necklace for teething toddlers
    • 13-15” necklace for ‘big kids’

Sizes are approximate and can vary up to .25” above/below the listed size. Because of our jewelry's natural nature, the shapes and sizes of beads may vary.

Our jewelry is double-knotted between each bead for safety. In the rare case the string accidentally breaks, the beads won't scatter. 

 *Remove immediately if damaged.*

 *MacRae Naturals jewelry is not a toy. It contains small parts and can pose a choking hazard for children under 3.  Our jewelry is NOT to be chewed upon or put in the mouth. MacRae Naturals is not responsible for any damage, injury, or even death that may result from improper use of our jewelry.

DISCLAIMER: Amber teething necklace products for children are designed for holistic pain relief and are not made for chewing. It is your responsibility to monitor your child at all times while wearing the jewelry. Keep jewelry out of reach of children and pets when not being supervised or worn. We assume no responsibility of any hazard or liability with regard to the treatment, diagnosis or cure of any medical diagnosis. In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products. 

    Click here for a printable ruler!

    Measuring for a Necklace:

    With a fabric measuring tape or piece of string, lay around the neck where it looks most comfortable. When using string, be careful not to stretch the string when laying around the neck, and measure the length that looks best.


    Necklace Fit Guide for MacRae Naturals


    Adult Jewelry:

    Jewelry Fit Reference by MacRae Naturals

    Measuring for a Bracelet:

    With a fabric measuring tape or piece of string, find the exact size of your wrist. Add roughly ¾ - 1¼" to that measurement for your bracelet size, rounding up if between sizes (depending on how you want the fit). 

    Bracelet Fit Guide by MacRae Naturals

    We HIGHLY recommend measuring before ordering! If you can’t, our average sizes are:

    • 6.5-7.5” bracelet for women
    • 7.5-8.5” bracelet for men
    • 16" necklace for big kids/teens/petite adults
    • 18” necklace for adults
    • 20” necklace for adults

    Remove immediately if damaged. 


    Care Guide

    To recharge and energetically cleanse your jewelry:

    • Lay out jewelry in full moonlight. This could be in a car dashboard, windowsill, or even on the ground.
    • Do a sage cleanse. Step by step directions can be found here.
    • Put jewelry on a Himalayan salt lamp or charging crystal for approximately 24 hours.
      Check out our charging and cleansing tools here.

      To remove body oils or debris:

      1. Add approximately 1 tsp sea salt to a bowl of warm water. Soak jewelry for 2-5 minutes.
        *Hazelwood should only do a 1-2 minute soak.
      2. Gently rub each bead with a soft cloth and let air dry.
      3. Avoid soaking soft crystals (such as selenite), malachite, and angelite.

      *We don't recommend doing a salt soak more than once a month unless your jewelry gets extremely dirty.*

      Avoid soaps, perfumes, hairspray, detergents, and oils on your jewelry. When using sandalwood or lava with essential oils, allow time for the oils to dry before stacking with other jewelry.

      Avoid rubbing roughly or scrubbing your jewelry.

      Remove all jewelry before bathing and swimming.

      Your jewelry is fragile, please handle with care.