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Lepidolite - The Emotional Support Stone

August 30, 2018

Lepidolite - The Emotional Support Stone

MacRae Naturals Lepidolite Necklace Bracelet Natural Crystal Jewelry

Lepidolite is one of our personal favorites! You will likely catch yourself staring deeply into its different purple hues and sparkles. This stone is so unique, photos cannot do it justice. Not only is it gorgeous, but the natural healing properties are outstanding, which makes it one of our favorite crystals to work with and to wear.

What is it/how does it work?

Lepidolite is a mineral/crystal. In a past blog post, we explained what crystals are & how they work, so read up if you missed that!

Why should I have it/ What are its benefits?

It is known to detox skin, help with allergies, & supports the immune system. It is also known to help with joints, exhaustion, stress, PTSD and more! It makes a form of Lithium (naturally), found in some antidepressants & it is out of this world at helping stabilizing mood swings and emotions! 

What color(s) does it come in?

Fellow purple lovers rejoice! Lepidolite comes in many different shades of purple, even some pinks too! You can see beautiful - what we like to call natural glitter flecks- in most pieces. Just gorgeous!


Where is is found?

Lepidolite can be mined in the United States, Madagascar, Brazil, Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic.

Where can I get some?

With as many amazing wellness properties as Lepidolite has, its no surprise that you can find it in several of our signature designs!

Take a peek!

Our PPD & Anxiety necklace features pink lepidolite

Our Anxiety bracelet is a powerhouse with this purple beauty in it!

Our Self Love design is a colorful joy to look at and enjoy the benefits

Zen Mama- With an optional charm this piece is a subtle eye catcher

 This PTSD Support design is one of our newest signatures

This delightful stack of our PPD & Breastfeeding Support Stack! Can you say instant mom gift? :) 


Are you finding yourself loving this crystal but want it paired with something else? Customs open back up THIS FRIDAY & you can request that we use it in a piece just for you!  

Let us know your experience, questions, or comments about lepidolite in the comments section below!

MacRae Naturals offers pain-relieving baltic amber necklaces and crystal healing jewelry for all ages.

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