My jewelry that I ordered is absolutely gorgeous! I also received it super fast! One of the best things about this company is that they got back to me right away and answered all of my questions that I had! Great customer service! I can already tell a difference in my calmness and anxiety from wearing this jewelry. I can’t wait to order my next piece! I’m a customer for life! - Jessica S.


I ordered my 84 year old father an Amber bracelet because he has arthritis and carpal tunnel in both of his wrists. He has been wearing it for approximately 3 weeks on his right wrist which is the worst. He said he still has some tingling from the carpal tunnel but pretty much all the pain is gone from the arthritis I'm so happy to see it working -Dawn W. 


I’m a retail manager so I am on my feet for 60+ hours a week on concrete floors. My feet and knees would be throbbing and stiff at the end of the day. I purchased an anklet last month and it has literally changed my life! No more foot or knee pain! I recommend it to everyone I work with and even bought a few for them! My next will be a custom! - Paige M.


They have the absolute best necklaces. The designs, colors, and function are perfect. I can recommend them enough, great company and products. Highly satisfied with ours - Amber T.


Review for my breastfeeding support bracelet!! I have tons of moms who breastfeed on my fb so just wanted to share! When I nursed Stetson, I struggled with milk supply, there was times I was using donor milk, times I would just sit and cry because I had no freezer stash, when I went back to work I barely pumped 4 ounces in an 8 hour shift I literally just straight up struggled! When I got pregnant with amelia I was trying to figure out everything to increase production! After using my MacRae Naturals gestational diabetes bracelet and seeing nothing besides perfect numbers I knew the breastfeeding bracelet they have wouldn’t let me down! Amelia is just under 2 months old and I’ve cleared 400ounces in the freezer already! I didn’t wear my bracelet for 2 days and saw a HUGE decrease in my pumping session in the mornings! If this can help Atleast one person it was definitely worth sharing my experience!!! They seriously have bracelets and necklaces for everything! The postpartum depression and anxiety Necklace has been nothing less than perfect as well!!!! Thank you so much MacRae naturals!!!! - Katherine M.


Just received my surprise custom for my daughter last week! It is beyond beautiful and did not disappoint! I just placed my second order today for another surprise custom and can’t wait to get it! These ladies are amazing and so knowledgeable! - Danielle K.


I recently bought the breastfeeding support bracelet from them. I wear it every day and have noticed on the days I do wear it, I pump more than days I dont. It's also a helpful reminder which side my little one nursed off of. I absolutely love my bracelet and I plan to buy more from them! I got my bracelet very quickly and when answering my questions, they were super helpful and quick to respond. -Taylar J.


Amazing quality!! We have 3 pieces from MacRae! We have a teething necklace for my little boy, a PPD necklace for myself and a custom made bracelet for myself. It had made such a difference with myself and my son. My custom bracelet is used to help me with my headaches. I get horrible hormonal headaches and the past 2 womanly cycles I have not had ANY headaches!! Note that I have had hormone headaches for the last 2 years right before my cycle!!! Oh... and they’re cute!!! -Lyndsay G.


I would just like to leave a review of my necklace I received earlier in January. I ordered a custom and asked for help with anxiety, sleep, and my breastfeeding journey with my daughter. This necklace has been absolutely fantastic! I haven’t been anxious about anything, my sleep has been great and I haven’t had my usual bad dreams due to my anxiety, and the milkies just keep coming! My usual slow letdowns have been coming faster when we nurse! I know you say not to wear them to sleep in, but so far it’s the only thing that has kept the dreams away. So I’ll continue wearing this necklace as my little security blanket. Thank you ladies so so much! The teething necklace for my daughter (Little Mermaid inspired) has been working wonders! We love it! -Haileigh O.


Love all of our products from MacRae!!! They really take the time to make each piece unique and special. Quality is amazing and their customer service is very kind. Won't get my amber anywhere else. ♡ -Amy M.


Bought one for my youngest son. Worked AMAZINGLY!! - Chelsea N.


So I purchased a reflux necklace for my little because of her reflux (obviously) and it works fabulously. I was skeptical at first about it and was actually still skeptical hat it was working all up until this morning. Yesterday I actually told my sister in law I didn't know if it was really working because my little Rae was still spitting up. Last night was bath night so her necklaces came off and due to falling asleep while nursing after bath last night it wasn't put back on. This morning she actually projectile vomited all over the place like she use to before the necklace. So of course I freaked out and what not and was like "oh no she must be sick". It then dawned on me her necklace wasn't on. I am now a true believer and I thank the lord for hazel wood and turquoise - Jess W.


I was referred from a friend who swore by these necklaces. My first purchase was a custom for me as we were relocating I was under and ton of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and I also suffered from tension headaches. The ladies built me a custom and worked with me to make sure I loved it. I can honestly say it works! Thank you! Can't wait to order more. - Allison H.


Beautiful quality products, and they do actually work a significant amount .My daughter's teething stages have been much easier on her and I both .I will definitely recommend to anyone and also considering getting some for myself​! - Ashley B.


Gorgeous pieces from caring people! Can't get better than that -Andrea C.


They have the absolute best necklaces. The designs, colors, and function are perfect. I can recommend them enough, great company and products. Highly satisfied with ours -Amber T.


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