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    Healing Stories*

    I started with their Post Partum Depression and Anxiety, and let me tell you. I have been so much more stable with my emotions. These are so well made and th...

    Abi L.

    This is an amazing company! These hard working mamas put their heart in to all the pieces they make. You can tell they all love what they do! My daughters and ...

    Amber M.

    I've noticed a difference in my three year old daughter and in my 5 year old son. I love these two necklaces and I am so glad they've helped my sweet kiddos be...

    Connie W.

    I have bought several pieces from them and they are all top quality! Also, the best customer service out there! They always respond promptly, take care of all ...

    Audrey N.

    I absolutely love the Caden Baltic amber teething necklace! I notice a huge difference with drooling when I put this on my 6 month old baby boy. It not only wo...

    Melissa H.

    My custom is GORGEOUS! I couldn't be happier! From the customer service to the quality of the necklace, everything was perfect. I will definitely be a regular ...

    Kristin E.

    I got this bracelet and the rainbow anxiety set and I feel like a new person!!! Definitely “magical” as it lifted a two year depression slump off my shoulders!...

    Jillian P.

    MacRae has top quality beads and craftsmanship. Whether you get a custom design or one of their stock designs, they’re gorgeous. My daughters have both used th...

    Maggie A.

    Worth it! I hadn’t tried these with my older 3 kids and I bought this just to try it out for my 6 month old as she’s such a drool cup with her teeth starting t...

    Sara D.

    I’m all about beautiful and functional. You won’t be disappointed with this anxiety support bracelet. Winter is my worst season for anxiety. Something about al...

    Jessica B.

    Blog posts

    Lepidolite - The Emotional Support Stone
    Lepidolite - The Emotional Support Stone

    by Kimberly MacRae October 21, 2021

    Lepidolite is known to detox skin, help with allergies, & supports the immune system. It is also known to help with joints, exhaustion, stress, anxiety attacks, PTSD and more! It makes a form of Lithium (naturally), found in some antidepressants & it is out of this world at helping stabilizing mood swings and emotions! 

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    What is Baltic Amber, and How Does it Work?
    What is Baltic Amber, and How Does it Work?

    by Kimberly MacRae October 20, 2021

    Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin (sap) from the Baltic region that dates from millions of years ago. It contains succinic acid, a natural pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory. Like all organic substances, Baltic amber comes in many shapes and sizes, each one unique. It has been used and loved since Neolithic times and it’s no different today!  

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    How Do Crystals Work?
    How Do Crystals Work?

    by Kimberly MacRae October 20, 2021

    Crystals can be used to improve physical and emotional health, to clear and cleanse the atmosphere, and to encourage positivity and positive attitudes in group situations. 

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