• My son is almost 11 months old and we've tried oragel and baby Tylenol to manage his teething pain with sporadic results. It was hard to feel like I was relying too much on synthetic drugs to help my baby and when my neighbor told me about this option I felt like it was worth a try. He had successfully cut two more teeth with far less discomfort than before thanks to the amber beads. I rarely give him oragel or baby Tylenol anymore whereas before I was relying on using them multiple times a day.

    Katelyn Q.

  • I was referred from a friend who swore by these necklaces. My first purchase was a custom for me as we were relocating I was under and ton of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and I also suffered from tension headaches. The ladies built me a custom and worked with me to make sure I loved it. I can honestly say it works! Thank you! Can't wait to order more.

    Allison H.

  • You have made a believer out of a huge skeptic! I have had baby girls necklace on for a little over 12 hours and already see a huge difference!!! A friend of mine dropped by and could not believe the difference she was shocked! And when my 13 year old daughter got home from school she asked me why Lilly was not crying, and I explained it to her and she said "mommy get one for ALL the babies!" We are now huge believers and huge supporters in amber and Macrae Naturals!

    Emily C.

  • Love all of our products from MacRae!!! They really take the time to make each piece unique and special. Quality is amazing and their customer service is very kind. Won't get my amber anywhere else. ♡

    Amy M.

  • This is the third necklace that I have gotten from MacRae Naturals, they are always so beautifully made. The quality of these necklaces is top notch, I wouldn't buy from anyone else...Definitely worth the money.

    Brie C.

  • I absolutely love their jewellery and fantastic people to work with. I have done many orders through them and have been satisfied every time!:-)

    Kelly A.

  • About four months ago I ordered 2 bracelets, one for fertility and one for endometriosis pain. I wore them non-stop after receiving them. Within 2 months I noticed decreased endometriosis pain! And the first month my husband and I tried to get pregnant we were successful!! I am so thankful for the patient and helpful staff, they really care about each person and their unique needs and situations.

    Lauren K.

  • Gorgeous pieces from caring people! Can't get better than that

    Andrea C.

  • I would just like to leave a review of my necklace I received earlier in January. I ordered a custom and asked for help with anxiety, sleep, and my breastfeeding journey with my daughter. This necklace has been absolutely fantastic! I haven’t been anxious about anything, my sleep has been great and I haven’t had my usual bad dreams due to my anxiety, and the milkies just keep coming! My usual slow letdowns have been coming faster when we nurse! I know you say not to wear them to sleep in, but so far it’s the only thing that has kept the dreams away. So I’ll continue wearing this necklace as my little security blanket. Thank you ladies so so much! The teething necklace for my daughter (Little Mermaid inspired) has been working wonders! We love it!

    Haileigh O.

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