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We had recently purchased an amber necklace from a different company that broke within days of receiving it. A friend mentioned MacRae Naturals and how she loved their necklaces so I thought we'd try it! We love our necklace and get so many compliments on it! We've noticed less drooling and crankiness since our son has been wearing the necklace!

Morgan W.

My son is almost 11 months old and we've tried oragel and baby Tylenol to manage his teething pain with sporadic results. It was hard to feel like I was relying too much on synthetic drugs to help my baby and when my neighbor told me about this option I felt like it was worth a try. He had successfully cut two more teeth with far less discomfort than before thanks to the amber beads. I rarely give him oragel or baby Tylenol anymore whereas before I was relying on using them multiple times a day.

Katelyn Q.

This is the third necklace that I have gotten from MacRae Naturals, they are always so beautifully made. The quality of these necklaces is top notch, I wouldn't buy from anyone else...Definitely worth the money.

Brie C.


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