Puberty Support Bracelet (Misfit)

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Bracelet Fit Guide for MacRae Naturals

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Designed to help bring balance to the ever changing state of our teens, this piece is intended to boost self-confidence and acceptance while enabling one to be mindful and engaged in the world surrounding them. This piece helps to dissolve negativity, and encourages self improvement. Enhancing rational thinking and harnessing ones creativity, this design produces positive energy and balances hormones and emotions to better convey one’s thoughts and feelings.

Blue Tiger's Eye - hormonal balance
Blue Lace Agate - self-acceptance
Smoky Quartz - mindfulness
Black Tourmaline - release negativity
Orange Aventurine - creativity
Rhodonite - self-confidence
Selenite - rational thinking
Moonstone - emotional balance
Bracelets are strung on elastic.

Please note, this is offered at a discounted rate due to misfit quality (ex. flat spots on beads, pattern slightly off, slack between beads). Misfit quality is still safe to wear, just not up to the high-quality visual standard of MacRae Naturals. **Your product will vary from the stock image shown.** No discount codes can be applied. THIS PRODUCT IS FINAL SALE.

Using high quality crystals and Baltic amber, we do not sell a product we don't believe in or recommend. Each order is made by a stay-at-home-mom and comes with a MacRae Naturals linen pouch for safe keeping.

Do NOT get this piece wet, selenite is water soluble and will dissolve over time with water contact. If necessary, wipe clean with a lightly dampened cloth, and immediately dry. Due to the fragile nature of this crystal, the beads may not be perfectly round.

For safety, sizing, and care info, click here.

Because of the natural nature of our jewelry, colors, shapes, and sizes of beads may vary.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals should be used in combination with other therapies and should not replace regular medical care.

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