PPD & Breastfeeding Support Bracelet Stack
PPD & Breastfeeding Support Bracelet Stack
PPD & Breastfeeding Support Bracelet Stack

PPD & Breastfeeding Support Bracelet Stack

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Thats right! We now offer a PPD & Breastfeeding Support Bracelet Stack! 

This stack is a combination of our popular PPD necklace with our beloved breastfeeding support bracelet. An amazing combo for any mom!

This MacRae Naturals combo is designed to help ease the post pardom recovery, relax mama, increase milk production, encourage mother-baby bonding, promote nurturing and positive emotions, all while dispelling negative energies. 

Each piece is hand-crafted with high quality stones, and each order comes with a linen pouch for safe keeping.  


Turquoise: known to help combat depression, wonderful for tummy issues, stress, and encourages good spirits!
Amethyst: brings peace, calming, & helps with anxiety.
Lepidolitemakes a form of Lithium(naturally), found in some antidepressants! It detoxes skin, helps with allergies, joints, exhaustion, stress, PTSD and more!
Rose Quartz: Excellent for feeling and giving love. It helps strengthen bonds, release anxiety/ depression and encourages good sleep.
Moonstone: Wonderful for hormone balance, self-discovery, deep insight, harmony in relationships, soothes emotions.

Please note: Do not get these bracelets wet.

Because of the natural nature of our jewelry, colors, shapes and sizes of beads may vary. To learn more about baltic amber, sizing recommendations, and more, visit our FAQ page.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals should be used in combination with other therapies and should not replace regular medical care.