Baltic Amber Teething & Pain Jewelry in 'Harper' - Down Syndrome Support

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Moms of teething babies worldwide have been using Baltic amber for centuries to help soothe their little ones. Our jewelry is made by stay-at-home-moms who understand the importance of a high-quality, safe teething necklace! 

Wearing (not chewing) Baltic amber helps with:

✨ Teething Pains
✨ Fussiness (bring back that happy baby!)
✨ Drooling (no more loads of laundry every day!)
✨ Inflammation

Harper is designed to help with fatigue, heart issues, communication, sleep, and other symptoms often associated with Down Syndrome. The design includes raw honey Baltic amber, blue lace agate, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, and rhodochrosite. Necklaces and anklets are strung on sherbet string with a screw clasp. Because of our jewelry's natural nature, colors, shapes, and beads' sizes may vary slightly.

Our jewelry is double-knotted between each bead for safety. In the rare case the string accidentally breaks, the beads won't scatter. For infants, toddlers, and children who will try putting jewelry in their mouths, necklaces should be short enough that they can't get it in their mouth but long enough that it isn't a choker. Always supervise your child when wearing jewelry and remove for napping, baths, and sleeping. Some parents will wrap the necklaces around the child's ankle and cover with a high sock, sleepsack, or footie pajamas during sleep. For more safety, sizing, and care info, click here.

We will be donating 30% of the retail price to GiGi's Playhouse, in honor of Harper Love Halsell (pictured), and others diagnosed with Down syndrome. 

Harper Love lives with her Mom, Dad, 2 brothers and sister in Phoenix, Arizona. She has Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect that will require open heart surgery in her first year of life. Harper is meant to do big things in this world and her family will always support her in doing so!

GiGi’s Playhouse is a one-of-a-kind achievement center for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community—providing free therapeutic and educational programs that advance literacy, math skills, motor skills and more.

Using high-quality crystals and Baltic amber, we do not sell a product we don't believe in or recommend. For more info on Baltic amber, visit our FAQs page. Each order is made by a stay-at-home-mom and comes with a MacRae Naturals linen pouch for safekeeping.

Disclaimer: We Are Not Doctors And Cannot Give Out Medical Advice. Crystals Should Be Used In Combination With Other Therapies And Should Not Replace Regular Medical Care. MacRae Naturals is not responsible for injury, damages, or death from improper use of the jewelry.

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