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MacRae Naturals bracelet fit guide

These bracelets are perfect for aromatherapy. Simply add your essential oils to the sandalwood beads and enjoy the benefits! If your chakras become blocked or out of sync, this can negatively impact your physical and psychological health. 

Rainbow chakra design with red sea sediment jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and sandalwood. This design helps align your 7 chakras.

Blue design is made with aquamarine, amazonite, apatite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue goldstone, and sandalwood. This design helps with communication and insomnia.

Green design is made with jade, prehnite, green aventurine, moss agate, and sandalwood. This design helps bring luck, clear breathing, and increase compassion.

Purple design is made with lavender amethyst, light lepidolite, dark lepidolite, dark amethyst, and sandalwood. This design helps with nightmares, calm, and depression.

Pink design is made with light rose quartz, Madagascar rose quartz, rhodonite, pink lepidolite, and sandalwood. This design helps with love, tenderness, and managing jealousy.

Red design is made with citrine, light carnelian, dark carnelian, red bamboo coral, and sandalwood. This design helps with libido, creativity, and energy.

Bracelets are strung on elastic.

Using high quality crystals and Baltic amber, we do not sell a product we don't believe in or recommend. Each order is made by a stay-at-home-mom and comes with a MacRae Naturals linen pouch for safe keeping.

For safety, sizing, and care info, click here.

Because of the natural nature of our jewelry, colors, shapes, and sizes of beads may vary.


Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals should be used in combination with other therapies and should not replace regular medical care.

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