MacRae Mamas

Meet the wonderful mamas behind MacRae Naturals. We pride ourselves in being a mom owned and mom ran business. We couldn't do it without these amazing ladies!



Hi Mamas! My name is Melissa Stennis and I am the customer support representative here at MacRae Naturals. I have 2 boys. Charlie is 6 and Frederick is 2. I am a special needs mama ❤❤Charlie has autism. I love to bake and cook. I’m my happiest in the kitchen. I hope that I can be there for all of you with any MacRae needs. 



Hey y’all!! My name is Ashlee. I am a stay at home mom with 5 kids. Born and raised in Texas. I enjoy anything in water. I am the office manger for MacRae Naturals since November 2018 and I absolutely love my job! This company has been such a blessing to my family and I. 



 I'm Gabby! Stay at home mama of two sweet girls and married to my soulmate! I survive off Jesus, coffee, essential oils, and crystals. When I'm not beading, I'm probably playing dress up with my girls or having a tea party (super girly girl here!) I'm grateful to work for MacRae Naturals because it changed my life! 



 Hi, I'm Caitlin, the Social Media Manager for MacRae Naturals! I currently live in Kentucky with my husband--a baseball fanatic--and son! We live a very loud, busy life. I have a degree in Psychology/Art, and dream of the day when I can have the time to paint again. Baking is my stress relief, even when my son makes a mess of everything! I hope we can connect on @macraenaturals Instagram soon! 🧡 



 Hi Everyone! I'm Danielle Menefee and I am one of the social media mamas! I’ve been blessed with two beautiful, amazing, and energetic little girls! My rainbow baby is 5 and my pot of gold baby is 2! I came across MacRae Naturals shortly after my first daughter was born from the recommendation of a friend and I’m so grateful I did! I was a believer from the moment I put that first amber necklace on my little one! Fast forward 5 years and now I’m blessed with being able to help all of you and being part of this amazing company!


Kate Lynn 

Hey y'all! I'm Kate Lynn and I am one of the social media mommas! I have been blessed with 3 kiddos. I homeschool them and also work on building up our homestead. We are always working on something around the farm, whether it is the garden or the animals. I am so grateful to be able to help out with this amazing company! MacRae Naturals has helped out my entire family and I LOVE seeing how it has helped yours!



I'm Robinn, and I’m a stay home mother of 4 ages 19, 16, 6 and 4. Crafting and learning how to make new things is my therapy outlet. Volunteering and fundraising are both great passions of mine as I love to help where I can and give back anyway possible. My life motto is “the more you save the more you can spend.” I love to find deals and couponing. I chose to be a beader for MacRae Naturals because at a young age my Grandma taught me about crystals and the power of them.  I believe they can help for so many things if most would be willing to go outside to the realm of unlimited possibilities. 



Hey, I'm Ashley, lead beader for MacRae. I'm a stay at home mama to four cubsEmoji Married to my lumberjack husband, Paul, for almost 6 years(together 11). When I'm not beading, you can usually find me in my favorite room, the kitchen. I love to bake!!! Lover of ALL the animals. We have a 14 year old german shorthair, Ava, and a soon to be 2 year old mini horse(actually a great dane), Butterscotch. On the off chance I have a moment for myself, I like to read, enjoy nature, and research herbal medicine. I'm so thankful for the amazing opportunity to work for MacRae. It has been such a blessing to my family. I love being able to have a creative outlet that has helped so many. I look forward to creating your future customs!



Hi, I'm Katie! I started as a Macrae Naturals customer when my baby girl was 4 months old and she was getting her first two teeth. From the moment we started using the amber necklaces, we never knew when Kennedy was teething. It was a game changer. When I saw that Kim was looking for help and it was something I could do while at home with our daughter, I was instantly intrigued. Being around the different crystals and finding myself drawn to some, I began researching the healing benefits of crystals and voila... I was hooked! My first purchase was the postpartum depression design & once I FELT the difference within myself, my addiction to this natural healer was confirmed. I am so blessed to work for such an amazing woman and to work alongside a fantastic team. I love that we have the opportunity to create beautiful jewelry that also helps people feel good. I will be a Macrae Naturals fan for life ♥️

Kimberly B.

Hi y'all! I'm Kimberly B. and I'm now a stay at home mama to almost two kids (one is almost four and the other is almost born!).  I've been married to my husband Taylor for 7 years and we live in the Kansas City, Kansas area.  I was a private flight attendant for 10 years before having my children and I also work as a freelance editor.  When I find spare time, I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, exercising, and reading.  I absolutely love sharing the news about MacRae Naturals with parents in my area, my friends all over the country, and my family!  I truly enjoy beading the necklaces and bracelets--it is a calming and meditative escape from the busy lives we all lead--and I love thinking about where these items will end up and who they will bless! I feel so lucky that I get to work from home, helping to support my family, and work with all these other mamas doing the same! 



Hey hey! I'm Megan! I have followed MacRae Naturals from the beginning! I'm a customs mama and been with the company for 1 year.  I love the opportunity to be creative and make beautiful jewelry that helps others! I'm a SAHM and when I'm not beading you can find me running from dinosaurs with my son and cuddling my sweet baby girl. 



Hey Y'all! I'm Renee. I'm a social media mom for MacRae Naturals. I'm a mom of 4 & we are expecting number 5 soon! We are blessed beyond measure. We currently live in Tennessee but dream of the day we can take off traveling with the kids! We all have MacRae pieces & we all LOVE them. Our first piece was a teething necklace. Then I ordered the bipolar bracelet and immediately fell in love. I'm beyond thankful I get to be part of such an amazing company.