Our Crystals

Here at MacRae Naturals, we always encourage our customers to do some research on the stones that may help them. Crystals are energy and many times we will be attracted to stones that we need at that time. Always follow any intuitive pulls towards a particular stone and let us know so we can add it to your custom piece!  

Here's a list of our crystal inventory and what they can help with:

Please note, this isn't an exhaustive list of what our crystals can help with, just a general guide!
Luxe beads are marked with * and will have an additional cost if you want more than just a few included in your custom piece.

African Turquoise :  purification, stomach issues, well-being, balance

Amazonite : communication, good luck, EMF pollution, prosperity

Amethyst : hormones, digestion, sleep, comfort, decision-making

Angel Aura : enhances other stones, calming and relaxing, releases negativity and stress

*Angelite : high vibe, awareness, peace

Apatite : physical injuries, metabolism, appetite, uplifting

Aquamarine : speaking your truth, compassion, clarity, courage in conflict

Azurite : stress, worry, discovery, focus, memory

Green Aventurine : fertility, heart, skin issues, nervousness, harmony

Orange Aventurine : joy, helps with creativity, independence and originality. 

Bloodstone : boosts immune system, blood flow, birth, hormones

Blue Lace Agate : thyroid, concentration, stomach issues, self-analysis

Bluestone : protection, doubt, emotional trauma, self-love

Carnelian : energy, motivation, fertility, sinuses, blood flow, creativity

Chalcedony : jealousy, sleepwalking. allergies, peace, self-doubt

Charoite : grounding, insomnia, nervousness, fear, high energy vibes

Chrysocolla : nervousness, nerve pain, thyroid, blood pressure, menstrual pain

Citrine : stamina, energy, digestion, joy, self-esteem, creativity


Fluorite : stomach issues, dizziness, grounding, reasoning

Garnet : reduce toxins, metabolism, libido, courage

Hazelwood : reflux, eczema, GERD, heartburn, acid reflux

Hematite: grounding, calming, protection, confidence

White Howlite : reduce anxiety and stress, patience, rage, encourage emotional expression

Jade : serenity, harmony, balance, good luck

Picture Jasper : immunity, allergies, realignment, balance, 

Kunzite : hormones, stress, expression, high energy vibes

*Kyanite : trauma, dexterity, intuition, creating new energy flow

Labradorite : transformation, mental acuity, imagination, introspection

Lapis Lazuli : communication, insomnia, circulation, self-awareness

Larimar: serenity, worry, new parenthood, stress, phobias

Lepidolite : release emotions, induce change, emotional healing and soothing, stress, depression, release negativity

*Malachite : asthma, memory, shyness, healthy relationships

Mexican Agate : joy, release emotional pain, energy, concentration

Peach Moonstone : soothing, worry, self-love, fertility, new beginnings

Rainbow Moonstone : protection, calm, negativity, fertility, new beginnings

Moss Agate : immunity, stomach issues, mood swings, fear

Obsidian : mental stress and tension, absorbs negativity, protective, express truth 

Shungite : antibacterial properties, purification, shield electromagnetic radiation, detox

Snowflake Obsidian : transformation, grounding, stress, energy flow

Onyx : nerve function, hearing, grounding, nervousness, rational thinking

Peridot : hurt feelings, contentedness, happiness, independence

Prehnite : healing, inner love, intuition, calming, peace and protection

Pyrite : protection, creativity, leadership, vitality

Madagascar Rose Quartz : love, fertility, tenderness, joy

Clear Quartz : clarity, EMF radiation, immunity, positivity, amplifies other crystals

Smoky Quartz : tension, detox, resentment, goal-setting

Strawberry Quartz : energy, aids in lethargy, energizes mind and body, love, seizing the day 

Red Bamboo Coral : protection, wisdom, trying new things, conflict

Rhodonite : jealousy, anxiety, processing and dispelling emotional pain, balance

*Rhodochrosite : new love, increases telepathic links, transitions, skin issues, self-forgiveness

Selenite : memory, honesty, amplifies and recharges/cleanses other crystals, restful sleep

Sodalite : authenticity, clarity of thought, calm, panic attacks, communication

Sunstone : cleansing all chakras, restores joy, nurturing, leadership, creativity, romance

Tigers Eye : release fear, harmony, discernment, take action, motivation

Black Tourmaline : removes negative energy, cleansing energy and transforming it into a higher vibration, grounding, balancing, harmonizing

Pink Tourmaline : mental balancing and calming, insomnia, great for children, releasing past and negativity

Turquoise : immunity, stomach issues, allergies, calm, mood swings

Unakite : nurturing, caring, healing, love, compassion, kindness


Because of the natural nature of our jewelry, colors, shapes, and sizes of beads may vary. 

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals should be used in combination with other therapies and should not replace regular medical care.