Amethyst Crystal Cluster- Stress & Anxiety

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Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Amethyst should be in every home. Not only is is gorgeous: it helps release tension,  enhances spiritual awareness, and helps you stay motivated.  It is amazing at turning away anxiety, letting go of anger and bringing out the positive! 

Center yourself during prayer with the beauty God has created. Use it during meditation, or for beautiful & healing home decor. 


You will receive ONE randomly chosen amethyst cluster. Please note these are natural specimens so each one will be unique! Pieces range from 2" to 4".

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals should be used in combination with other therapies and should not replace regular medical care.

Avoid soaps, perfumes, hairspray, detergents, and oils on your jewelry. When using sandalwood or lava with essential oils, allow time for the oils to dry before stacking with other jewelry.

Avoid rubbing roughly or scrubbing your jewelry.

Remove all jewelry before bathing and swimming.

Your jewelry is fragile, please handle with care.

Using high-quality crystals and Baltic amber, we do not sell a product we don't believe in or recommend. Each order is made by a stay-at-home mom and comes with a MacRae Naturals linen pouch for safekeeping.

Because of the natural nature of our jewelry, colors, shapes, and sizes of beads may vary.



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