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What's the Deal About Crystals?

August 17, 2018

What's the Deal About Crystals?

Hi everyone! Welcome to our second blog post! 

Our first blog post we discussed Baltic Amber, what it is, how it works etc.  If you missed that one, you can catch up on that here.


Today we are going to discuss our second love:


MacRae Naturals Crystals

What is a crystal? Are yours real?

Simple explanation: Crystals are minerals that were given a chance to change. It all depends on their environment, what they were exposed to etc that make them up. Temperature & how much room they had during their growth cause amazing variations! So every piece you get is uniquely your own! How incredible is that!?!

We take our work very seriously, and only want to offer you the best. We research every crystal we offer & only buy high quality crystal beads for our pieces.

How do they work?

They work much like amber, which has to have skin contact to do it's thing. However, crystals can also help by being in the vicinity of a person, all the same, they are faster at their effectiveness by being worn. So,you can both wear them as well as decorate with them too and still benefit! 

Which one is for me?

Crystals are so fascinating. Each one helps with different things. Some overlap, but they all have unique, specialties if you will.  For instance, blue lace agate is known to be calming, but also helps support the thyroid. On the same page, rose quartz is also known to be calming, yet helps with sleep support!

So as far as which one is right for you? That all depends on your needs/desires! If you do not see a piece we have designed that fits your needs feel free to send us a message & we will happily go over our suggestions for you!   

MacRae Naturals Crystal Collection

Do you guys really think they work?

Do cats meow? ;) Yes, we do truly think they work! And so do our customers! If you're wanting to hear first-hand some of the benefits feel free to join our Facebook Group and join in on the fun and crystal convos! 

We believe God made everything for a reason. Think about trees for example: They come in all shapes and sizes; some bear fruit or nuts that we eat. People & animals use them to build with. All this is obvious to see right? Apart from this, what is not obvious is how they make our air safe to breathe. No one has to get up every day and remind them to, “keep up the good work”,  to reduce the carbon dioxide for us. They just do it. God created them to do that and more! We cannot see them doing it with the naked eye, but they keep on chugging. :)

MacRae Naturals Tree Image

If trees can clean the air, if caterpillars can figure out to basically liquefy themselves and reform into breathtaking butterflies; is it really THAT hard to accept that "rocks" can do more than just look pretty?

Everything has a purpose.

We know sometimes it is hard to believe in something that, at the core is so simple, can actually help. But ask yourself this, why would God make a rock to just be purple or blue, when everything else in the world has so much more to it?

If you have been on the fence about trying crystals, we invite you to give it a chance. Join our facebook group, email us, or drop a comment below and let us know how we can help! 

Blessings to you & yours!

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