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Rose Quartz is one of the most widely used and loved crystals by most crystal lovers, and its easy to know why-It's the stone of LOVE! So it's no coincidence it's pink! Isn't God amazing? 


What is Rose Quartz / how does it work

Rose Quartz is a mineral/crystal. In our last blog post, we explained what crystals are & how they work, so read up if you missed that! 

Why should I have it/ What are its benefits?

Everyone needs some Rose Quartz in their lives :) Its one of the most widely used and recognized stones, it's wonderful for feeling and giving love. It can help strengthen bonds, release anxiety/depression and encourages a good nights sleep. It's thought to help with emotional healing, improve empathy, & repel negativity. It can also be great for the heart, circulatory system, lung support, increase fertility and more! 

What color(s) does it come in?

Rose Quartz lives up to its name in that it comes in shades of pinks, normally soft pinks, just like a rose. You can find darker shades of pink depending on where its mined. Some of our rose quartz hearts have beautiful light pink swirls surrounded by darker pink. It's really beautiful!

Where is is found?

Rose quartz is mined in the USA, Madagascar (well known for its truer pink crystals, and stocked here at MacRae!), South Africa, Brazil, India & Japan.


Where can I get some? 

We offer rose quartz in many of our pieces! We also just listed rose quartz heart stones in our Crystal Clusters & Stones collection.


Here are a few of our crystal pieces that contain rose quartz:

 Our New Love & Dreams Necklace: 










 Pain-Relieving Baltic Amber Necklace in 'Chloe':

MacRae Naturals Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace in Chloe










 And our Breast Cancer Support Necklace



 And Finally, our Pregnancy Support Necklace


It's easy to see why this crystal is one of our favorites to work with. Are you wondering about a piece for yourself? Let us know! Our customs will be back up August 31st so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

Let us know your experience, questions, or comments about rose quartz in the comments section below!



MacRae Naturals offers pain-relieving baltic amber necklaces and crystal healing jewelry for all ages.


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