Iron Pyrite - A Golden Fool?

Pyrite Healing Properties- MacRae Naturals Crystal Pyrite Jewelry

With a nickname of "Fools Gold", Pyrite has a lot of baggage to fight through. But this metallic wonder is anything but foolish. 


What is it?

Commonly called "fools gold", Pyrite is a mineral/crystal that can be mistaken for gold with its warm tones.  Pyrite is one of the most common sulfide minerals found. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning "of fire" or "in fire" and can create sparks when struck against steel. 

In a past blog post, we explained what crystals are & how they work, so read up if you missed that!

Why should I have it/ What are its benefits?

It can help a tired, overworked body bounce back emotionally and physically, to bring a level of comfort. It is also very uplifting and excellent for the lungs/respiratory system. 

Pyrite can be a stone to repel negative frequencies/energies and behaviors. Some say it can enhance inspiration, bring good luck, and help with your memory. Pyrite can also promote good physical health by aiding in fighting/preventing infection and purifying the body.

What color(s) does it come in?

It varies in shades of golds and browns, and some pieces are more metallic than others.  Pyrite is also really neat because it naturally grows in a cubic formation!  That cubic specimen in the photo is real, which is one of the coolest things about Pyrite. 

Where is is found?

Iron Pyrite can be mined in Britain, Chile, Peru & North America.

Where can I get some?

We love pyrite and use it in our hyperactivity / ADHD design, or we can create a custom piece to include this powerhouse crystal, just for you! 

 Pyrite Uses and Properties- MacRae Naturals Custom Crystal Pyrite Jewelry


Let us know your experience, questions, or comments about Iron Pyrite in the comments section below!

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  • Thank you for enlightening me to look for your blog. I’ve been to your website many times but only to look at your items for sale. Now I know and I can create another for myself at a later time different than my very first one which works fantastic, by the way!! Thank you and I’m excited to see how the three you’re now making for me will work for my daughter, granddaughter and mother! Thank you again and have a glorious weekend!

    Brenda Barnes

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