Back to School

August 04, 2020

Back to School

Whether you’re homeschooling for the first time, sending your kids to school, virtual learning, etc...this transition for school is new for everyone! We’ve created this “Back to School” collection to help support you on whatever path you are taking!

Mother's Love by MacRae Naturals

Mother's Love

For all the mamas making the impossible decisions this school year, this design helps with inner peace, grounding, and calming. Improving communication and patience, this design will help you have compassion and understanding for your children, as well as yourself. It also increases creativity and love, inspiring you to conquer any challenge you may face.








Stellar Student by MacRae Naturals

Stellar Student - School Support

This design helps with focus, patience, confidence, and independence. It helps ease stress and anxiety, encouraging peace and smooth transitions. Boosting immunity, creativity, and motivation, this design is perfect for any student in any setting! 

Chaos Coordinator by MacRae Naturals

Chaos coordinator - Educator Support

This design helps with grounding and centering yourself, creating the peace of mind to be a nurturing leader in any classroom setting. Boosting energy, motivation, and immunity, it is the perfect way to feel recharged and protected each day. With the helpful addition of Baltic amber and sandalwood, you get the one-two punch of pain relief and aromatherapy! 

Amazonite, Fluorite, Tiger's eye stones from MacRae NaturalsCrystals for a student desk:

Amazonite: Helps ease mind chatter. It also aids in anxiety, anger, and protecting you from EMF pollution.

Fluorite: Wonderful for focus, memory, and reasoning, fluorite brings clarity to any situation.

Tiger's Eye: Helps focus the mind and bring mental clarity, stabilizes mood swings, and increases self-confidence.

Lepidolite: Helps release emotions, anxiety, and encourage emotional healing.

Other products that can help:

Release (limited time re-release!): Release fear, worry, anxiety, and panic. Trust that everything will be okay, taking one day at a time. 

Rise: Increases creativity, motivation, and empowerment. The perfect design for starting a new chapter in your life! 

Zen Mama: Helps bring peace, reduce stress, and ease anxiety. 

Chill Bro: Helps bring a little peace to your day, improving communication and reducing impulsivity so you aren't quick to snap.  

Jack & Jill: Helps with patience, focus, confidence, decision-making, and calming. 

ADD/ADHD: Helps with focus, calming, and easing anxiety.

Check out our full Back to School collection here! We'll be offering a bundle discount through 8/9/20 if you want to purchase more than one piece. Simply add 2 or more items to your cart, and you’ll receive an automatic BOGO 30% off discount.

Give yourself grace:

This is a new situation for everyone! No one knows what is right or wrong, so focus on making the right decision for your family.

This transition is going to be a learning process. What works for your family right now might not work in a few months. Don’t feel guilty for having to change! Be confident in your decisions.

If you notice you or your child(ren) are getting overwhelmed, take a break! Get outside, do a little dance, eat a snack, or even have a cry! Kids are resilient. They thrive when their parents are happy and healthy, and are able to overcome much more than we often realize.


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