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Apatite ~ The Trickster ?

September 24, 2018

Apatite ~ The Trickster ?


MacRae Naturals Apatite jewelry

Why wasn't the geologist hungry? She lost her apatite! * drum hiss * ;) 

Apatite is an interesting sounding stone, that ironically does live up to its name, but that was not why it was originally named! Read on to find out how!  


What is it?

Apatite is a gorgeous crystal that comes in a variety of colors and has just as many benefits. This beauty is commonly mistaken for other crystals though, which is how it was dubbed its name the Greek word, απατείν (apatein), which translates: to deceive or to be misleading.

In a past blog post, we explained what crystals are & how they work, so read up if you missed that!

Why should I have it/ What are its benefits?

Did you skip down to this spot to read if it is a magical weight-loss remedy? ;) No judgement friends. :) Give a cheer everyone, because yes, apatite is known to help raise your metabolism. ( What what?? Woo!) 

That is not all this beauty does, its excellent for growth in both bones & cells; and helps with calcium absorption as well. Great for the thyroid, joints, hypertension and more! Apatite is an inspirational stone, it helps you balance emotionally, push away anger and negativity. 

Are you looking to feel more centered and open during prayer? This is an excellent helper for that. It helps the wearer feel encouraged and increases self motivation.

What color(s) does it come in?

All kinds! Blues (the most collected color), whites, browns, purples, yellows and violets! 

Apatite Jewelry MacRae Naturals

Where is is found?

Apatite can be mined in the United States of America, Russia, Norway, & Mexico.

Where can I get some?

MacRae Naturals offers many pieces with apatite, a few of them are:

Our Self Love Bracelet

MacRae Naturals Self Love Crystal Bracelet

Our Anxiety, Stress, and Weight Loss Support Necklace

Anxiety Stress Weight Loss Support Crystal Necklace

Our 'Maverick' Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Maverick- Custom Crystal Teething Necklace MacRae Naturals

And finally, Our Weight loss support bracelet

Natural Crystal Weight Loss Support Bracelet MacRae Naturals

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