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Customer Testimonials

"I couldn't be more pleased with our necklaces. My husband was very skeptical at first but now he never wants to take it off in fear of forgetting to put it back on. I have a bracelet and a necklace and wear both everyday. My sleep has improved which says a lot for being pregnant and I also haven't noticed my chronic lower back pain. My headaches went from being a daily issue to once in a blue moon which says A LOT!!! I can't wait to put in my custom order once baby #2 is born so I can have one for myself, my daughter and the new little" - Ashley W.

"Thank you so much! I am beyond amazed at the results of my new Hazelwood necklace! I've had heartburn for years, causing me to take Tums and Mylanta 5-6 times a day, every day. Since I put the necklace on, my heartburn is completely gone and I haven't needed any medicine at all. Not only that, but I am also getting lots of compliments on this gorgeous custom necklace:)." -Amy K.

"I wear the adult necklace in sunlight for work because I have to be on my feet a lot and after going through a c section was in a lot of pain. Wearing the necklace has cut my pain in half and I love it. i will be ordering a few more for my son and grandmother. I have also recommended this to friends of mine at work. Thanks for your wonderful product!" -Alexandra P.

"Definitely recommend MacRae Naturals! I already have a necklace and bracelet set and just placed a custom order for another one. I am thinking about getting another one in a different color and one for me. I love the quality and time that gets put into the products! If you haven't got your kiddo one yet, don't wait any longer!" -Heather A.

"The necklaces have made a world of difference in the extreme evening fussiness that happens right before cutting teeth for my twin boys which helps keep mommy sane. Drooling has been minimized & after a week of having the necklaces even the onset of evening fever has diminished. Great & beautiful product. Very safe for babies! Well made & wonderful service. I think I'm going to get myself an anklet next :)" -Aleisha H.

"I have to say how much I LOVE my son's new necklace. Our little guy has been drooling and hurting but we have not wanted to use pain relievers. We ordered this and received it so quickly, I was very impressed. My sweet guy has been wearing it for a week and we have noticed a HUGE improvement in his discomfort and his drooling is almost obsolete. We are very happy with the quality of the necklace and the results have been fantastic! Thanks MacRae Naturals!!!" -Tiffany C.

"I purchased a bracelet for my best friend who is a waxer and has a lot of hand/arm n pain from the repetitive movements. She is typical in pain while waxing and has tingling in her shoulder after her shift. She's been wearing her bracelet for 2 weeks now and reported that she now has no tingling after her shift and has very little discomfort while she is waxing!! Thank you so much for the beautiful and helpful bracelet, can wait to buy them for everyone I know!!!" -Erin H.

"Super cute! And it actually works for us, my daughter's drooling was cut in half, and right when I put it on her she fell asleep for over 2 HOURS! This baby never takes a nap for more than 20 minutes. I was amazed! I am without a doubt re-purchasing as she grows!" -Sara C.

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